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With over 30 years experience in caring for the younger disabled, the management of The Mews pride themselves on offering a highley professional care service for people who are over the age of eighteen. We are delighted to offer long term, short term and holiday/respite stays.

We have a 'community' which helps residents to achieve the very best out of the life they lead.

We aim to minimise the effects of their illness or disability by providing an environment which promotes and aids independence and emphasises individuality.

Experienced staff ensure they are able to provide the 'personal touch' and provide attention to small detail.




The right of a resident to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish. 



The understanding of a residents needs and treating them with respect.



Allowing residents to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions and to think and act for themselves.



Giving a resident the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.

"The Mews Nursing Home aims to provide its residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well being and comfort are of prime importance."

Martin Donovan

    • Endeavour.

      We will ensure that all resident's needs are identified and addressed in a holistic manner on an individual basis. We shall endeavour to develop our expertise in care provision to ensure we can meet continuing care demands, with the flexibility to meet the continually changing market environment and associated needs.

    • Committed

      We will remain committed to our staff and will support their personal development through training and career progression. The commitment to our staff allows us to continue to focus on developing standards of excellence in all our homes.

    • Approach.

      Our approach to care is one that encompasses all physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. Residents will be encouraged to exercise their optimum participation in any decision making affecting their package of care.

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The postcode OL11 3TH, SatNav will direct you to the side entrance on Fenton Street but the main entrance is around the corner on Boundary Street.
Approaching from the East, use the M62 Westbound until Junction 20 the A627M for Rochcdale and Oldham.

Our Vision

visionPersonalised Care
Truly personalised care starts with really knowing someone.

visionWe strive to excel
At TheMews, a resident’s footprints do not fade – we simply make new ones together.

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